6 Good Reasons to Replace Your Old Concrete Tiles With Metal Roofing


If your concrete tiled roof has seen better days and is in need of costly repair or restoration, you would be wise to consider replacing it with a metal roof. But why choose metal over concrete tiles?

Here are six good reasons why metal will always be a better choice of roofing material that concrete.

1. Metal Roofs Last Longer

A new roof represents a considerable investment so it’s important that your choice of material is built to last. The typical life expectancy of a good-quality metal roof is up to 70 years, far exceeding that of concrete tiles, which generally last for 50 years or so, with time-consuming regular maintenance and repair.

2. Metal Roofs Are More Durable

Metal roofing does not crack or corrode, requiring only periodic maintenance inspections. Metal roofs can withstand winds up to 140 m.p.h. without sustaining damage. Even the worst hailstorms cannot tear or penetrate a metal roof. And in the event that the roof needs repairs, the material is strong enough to walk on.

Concrete tiles are easily broken during stormy weather and are frequently dislodged during high winds, requiring replacement by a professional roofing contractor. Severe hail can easily crack concrete tiles, allowing water to enter your roof space where it can cause extensive damage to your home’s interior. Tiles will break if walked on, making maintenance and repairs time-consuming and costly.

3. Metal Roofs Give Better Protection From Fire

In the event of a bushfire or a lightning strike, a metal roof won’t melt of catch fire. Burning debris will slide off a sloping metal roof, rather than falling through it into your home. Metal roofs feature a special fire-retardant underlayment that will prevent stray sparks from blowing underneath the roof and into your loft.

Although concrete tiles are also classed as fire retardant, they can crack under excessive heat, exposing your roof space to penetration by burning buy wellbutrin sr 150 embers that could set fire to your home.

4. Metal Roofs Are Cheaper and Quicker to Install

Metal roofing is typically supplied in large sheets or panels. The materials are lightweight, and assembly is quick and usually hassle-free.

Concrete tiles are heavy and cumbersome and installation takes place one tile at a time. The whole process of building a tiled roof is therefore very slow and consequently much more expensive in labour costs than a metal roof. In addition, structural reinforcement to your property may be required to support the weight of a concrete tile roof, further adding to the cost of the project.

5. Metal Roofs Are Resistant to Colonisation by Moss and Other Flora

Moss can be a big problem with tiled roofs. The moss spores readily colonise the tiles, rapidly growing into a green, sponge-like carpet that traps rainwater. Moss can find its way underneath the tiles, potentially leading to water ingress into your roof space, where it can cause damp. Moss removal is a time-consuming but essential annual task that you will have to carry out. Moss plants and other invasive vegetation cannot gain a foothold on the slick surface of a metal roof.

6. A Metal Roof Looks New for Longer

Colorbond metal roofing can be supplied in a wide variety of contemporary and natural colours to suit your exterior décor scheme. Unlike concrete tiles that quickly become faded and discoloured by weathering, Colorbond stays true to its original shade, year after year.

High-quality metal roofing has many advantages over concrete tiles. If your old concrete tiled roof is in need of extensive repairs, why not consider replacing it with a new metal roof supplied and fitted by Roof Tek Roofing?

For more information and advice on how Roof Tek Roofing could help you, have a chat with one of their helpful team of experts.

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