Corrugated Roofing

corrugated roofing

It’s easy to protect your home or business from the harsh elements with sleek, durable and versatile corrugated roofing. Featuring a broad range of colours, smooth curves and clean simple lines. This timeless addition is ideal for a classic or contemporary architecture style.
Rooftek supply corrugated metal roofing in a range of lengths and thicknesses to suit your needs. Looking the best prices and advice on how to choose the right product? Give Rooftek a call or visit the showroom to discover the full product range in person.

- Your choice of 22 Colorbond colours
- Hi-tensile steel for enhanced impact resistance
- Lightweight and easy to install
- Five degree minimum pitch to suit most roof applications
- Fully tested and certified in Australian conditions
- Custom spring curving for a distinct touch
- 1.5 rib overlap for enhanced weather protection
- Minimum 762mm width
- Ideal for any residential, commercial or industrial project

Personalised to Meet Your Needs

Each metal sheet is custom cut to your exact specifications. So you only pay for the length of material you need and minimise the amount of waste (delete). All sheets are available in your choice of 22 pre-painted colours or unpainted pre-gal/zinc.

Corrugated metal roofing has a minimum roof pitch of five degrees. Rooftek can customise the desired angle of your roof for a distinctive touch whether it’s for the patio, carport or garage (we don’t advertise for smaller jobs. Our market is whole house)
If you want a curved shape, the team can spring curve the corrugated sheet to match the profile of your roof. Each sheet is curved in accordance with the thickness of the material, the flow of rainwater and its overall appearance in the context of the whole building.

Weather Performance

Corrugated roofing provides excellent durability in all weather conditions.
Be confident in the durable Bluescope® steel base manufactured to Australian Standards. While the metallic coating provides corrosion resistance and the exterior grade topcoat provides resistance to flaking, chipping and peeling.
For increased bushfire protection, Colorbond steel has been proven to outperform other materials in flame immersion tests. Made from non-combustible material, the corrugated roofing offers great protection in the case of different bushfire scenarios and helps reduce the effects of ember attacks.

Installation Made Easy

From concept to completion, Rooftek will guide you through the ordering process. Whether you need a replacement or fresh install, our qualified roof contractors will address your concerns and advise you on the best corrugated roof for your home or business.
Relax knowing your project is managed by licensed, insured and experienced roof contractors. Our polite builders will keep disruption to a minimum so you can get on with your day in peace. Once the job is done, all the old roof material is taken away – the only evidence of our visit is a brand new roof!
With most installations taking around 2 days, you won’t be waiting long to upgrade your property. Keep in mind, some projects may take longer depending on weather conditions and scope of the project (take this out).

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